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3 Key Factors to a Successful Headshot

Cleveland Ohio 

By Raymundo
Garza (

In today’s fast pace business environment surrounded with social media options, all professionals always seek to see a face to a name before establishing a formal connection.  It’s not uncommon to “google” someone’s name in advance before jumping on a phone call or even responding to an email request.  Having a recent and genuine professional headshot in your profile warms up much faster a future interaction- there is no doubt about it!

As a Talent Development expert and Professional Headshot Photographer in Cleveland, Ohio.  My experience has taught me there are 3 critical key success factors that need to be present in a professional headshot.

1. A Genuine Expression with Intent.  Your headshot needs to have a purpose.  The intent and message of your profession needs to be reflected in your Headshot expression.

2. Look Like You!  Dress professional but as the real You!  

3.  Love Your Headshot Results.  Work with your photographer to capture an image that is going to boost your confidence and that you will be so proud of it.

Last but not least.  Update your Headshot frequently.  Keep it always fresh!  Presenting a genuine updated image of Yourself will help you enable many future and enduring relationships in your career.

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